Street Kabinett, Berlin, October 2015


The starting point for „G.A.R.D.E.N“ is the observation of the different features of indoor gardening and gardening in its old meaning. The old meaning of gardening is the recreation of the primordial garden, the „Garden of Eden“, as a sheltered space of harmony and peace. However, it is not clear where indoor gardening is heading,
The reason, why we have lost paradise, being expelled from „Garden of Eden“, is the birth of conscience, the perception of a difference between „I“ and „It“, which led to naming „It“ – adam, eve, tree, snake a.s.o. -.This process of naming has never stopped and it will not stop until – following Vilem Flusser – we name everything: when the world gets cold and a new cycle starts.

Based on this narration the work deals with the problem of naming itself – the gap between signifier and the signified, codes – how to read the names when you cannot decipher the code they are written in, and the problem that we are sometimes confusing „It“ and its names.
And all in all it is an indoor gardened symbol for paradise lost.

Many thanks to Ronit and Matteo for filming and editing!

Street Kabinett is a non-profit space for experiments between site-specific installation and performance run by Opay L Goldberg, Sva Levy and Elisa Rusca.

Supported by: Linnen Berlin Bed & Breakfast