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Altes Spital, Arnstadt, October 2015

Some impressions of the second „Identities“ exhibition. It comprised the same artists as the earlier show at „Pavillon am Milchhof“, but it showcased additional works of Alexine Chanel, Viola Kamp and myself. For further informations, please scroll down and have a look at the exhibition at Milchhof, April 2015. A documentation of Alexine Chanels new work you find here: the calling

Chanel, Reves Hasheider, Awst&Walther, Reves id.arnstd_2 Photographies by Alexine Chanel Thanks to Christian, Andreas, Albrecht, Konstanze, Constance, Holger and all the voluntary helpers. The exhibition was supported by: Wappen_IK_blogIlm-Kreis and logo _spar_blog