9th of June 2023, Marco Goldenstein

Das ist die Wahrheit (This is the Truth) 140 of 500 pieces

Marco Goldenstein works on serial drawing projects over long periods of time. Wall-filling graphic installations are created. The drawings of the installation „This is the truth“ were created over 2 years while working in a call center. Hence there is a connection to the classic telephone drawings, fleeting scribbles lost in thought that could appear on a notepad during a business call. Drawn with blue ball pen and based on the form of the bubble, they together create an overwhelming variety of patterns and signs.

Also part of the exhibition are selected works from the serial „Lockdown“ which all in all comprises 120 pieces.

The designs here can be thought of as an imaginary spiritual refuge that has to be abandoned and reconstructed again and again. Manifestations of time created in a late-capitalist open-plan office, variations of self-localization removed from temporality, patterns, rituals, models, vanishing points, communication, ……
There ist still space between the lines.

Marco Goldenstein, born 1968 in Oldenburg, is a painter and draughtsman. He was
co-operator and curator of the project space „Hochparterre Berlin StudioSalon“ in Berlin Kreuzberg from 2015-2020.

www.instagram.com/goldenstein_existenz, https//hochparterreberlin.blogspot.com and www.marcogoldenstein.de

The happiness of a soap bubble is short and glorious. Anyone who breathes life into it and sees a part of himself, freed from all heaviness, float away, hardly more than a round glimmer, but breath of his own breath, must feel a little bit like a god.

Marco Goldenstein’s graphic variations under the title „Das ist die Wahrheit“ initially seem like a late reminiscence of this moment of happiness. In their crowdedness and multiplicity, his bubbles and spheres, circles and rings, which are continuously set in motion anew and condensed into fabrics, foams, streams or meshes, could seem like the result of a childlike, naïve creative joy and playfulness. The fact that this impression soon gives way to a growing uneasiness may be due to the fact that the truth, which according to the title is to be represented here, is composed of a large number of parts that differ widely in form and structure. In contrast to the sphere, which formally dominates the drawings, the A4 formats are arranged without distance in a wide band to form a grid.

This truth, whatever is hidden behind it, looks at the viewer as if from a cell with a hundred eyes. Nothing rounds out here; only through the structural violence of the arrangement do the drawings remain connected. One finds oneself surrounded by it and overwhelmed by beauty and apprehension in an almost sublime way, if one experiences sublimity according to Burke like a „delightful horror“.

It is all the more astonishing that this perception owes itself to the nervously meticulous drawing of a plain biros and hardly art-suspicious everyday utensils from a late capitalist open-plan office: it is probably no coincidence that the majority of the pictures were created in the call centre of an polling institute where Goldenstein earned his living.
Excerpt from a text by Emanuel Maess

From the series „Lockdown“ pastel on paper 40 X 40 cm

The artist in conversation

5th of May, Opening of the Art Space

with my works: Organic Shapes, Egg Shaped, Ancestry and Pretty Pressure Dance

Being busy providing Malaysian Satay with peanut sauce and drinks to our visitors, we missed taking pictures during the opening. So an exhibition view is what you get.

For more pictures and information about the works please scroll down to previous posts.

Ancestry 50 pieces, various sizes

From the series Organs and Machines 25 X 18 cm and 20 X 15 cm

Organic Shapes

Pretty Pressure Dance and Egg Shaped